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Why another parenting book


2 Way Parenting

This book is not written by a doctor or teacher. It is based on true-life events of an international banker who chose to be a second mother to his child.


This book provides you a toolkit to propel and supercharge your productivity and intelligence at work not at the expense of your children but by engaging with your children in a mutually nourishing way.


It will demonstrate to you how children are a simple path that you can take to leapfrog your own self-development without incurring excessive costs or time on your education or training. 


In the process, you will rejuvenate yourself from midlife weariness. You will redeem your children from deficiencies of modern education by setting them up on a self-learning path. This path will bring together sensual literacy-driven sense control and cutting-edge education. Sensual literacy refers to assisting children in cultivating discerning control of their sense faculties, with a focus on pleasure and fear.


At the same time, the book will help children develop a deeper lifelong learning ability with a path-breaking curriculum that offers integration of science, math, art, logic, philosophy, theology, economics, geopolitics, and criminology.


The book is a consequence of authors' frustrations with and learnings from multiple educational systems while relentlessly seeking high-quality education for his child while living in Brazil, Dubai, India, the US, South Africa, Georgia, and Turkey. 

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