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Contents of the book


  1. What is the most precious resource on the planet that we all are wasting?

  2. Why nature-given intelligence is ruined and what can parents do about it?

  3. What is the 2-way parenting approach?

  4. What are the 5 root-level deficiencies of modern education?

  5. What causes 5 root-level deficiencies in modern education?

  6. What are the 3 root-level solutions to 5 deficiencies in modern education?

  7. What is the 2-way parenting curriculum and its philosophical and execution framework to redress the above 5 gaps?

  8. What is the suggested teaching methodology and subject scheduling?

  9. Going back to parents. How they can rejuvenate themselves rather than getting hammered?


Tough answers to 29 parenting questions that you may still have



  • Resource #1: The 7-why framework for developing a penetrative mind

  • Resource #2: Thematic list down of books and educational tools

  • Resources #3: Web resources and toolkit

  • Summary of the book for quick reference

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