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  • Mohit Arora

I am a single person and don’t want children so why bother with this stuff?

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As a single person, how much can you travel, drink, or play with opposite sex? Focused on work and career? Ok, that's fine but have you asked yourself what skills do you really need to succeed at work?

As you grow from a worker to a manager or from a manager to an executive, are the same technical skills relevant or you need softer skills to help you manage people?

What do such softer skills essentially mean? Softer skills are essentially empathy and patience. So, what is the quickest way to acquire these skills? Reading self-help books or attending some online courses or getting another degree? No.

The fastest way to not just acquire these skills but to cultivate these skills deeply is to be a parent to a child.

Nothing else in the world will teach you patience, humility, and empathy like your own child. Nothing else will show you your weaknesses that you need to recognize and outgrow. Nothing else will help you get stronger and more motivated in life.

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