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  • Mohit Arora

I am too busy traveling. So how can I spend time with children?

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Ask yourself how much do you need to truly travel? How much of your travel is due to your unstoppable compulsive urge versus true work requirement? Have you thought about the effectiveness of your work travel? Is travel taking more time and money and you are still not getting the results? Is more travel an answer? Answer to yourself if travel is not a getaway escape for you? If yes, what are you truly shying away from?

Peel layers of your emotions asking multiple why’s. You may see you are just shirking your family responsibility under the guise of work. By not engaging with your children are you not compromising on your future mental health and physical wellbeing? Your children will outlive your spouse. Aren’t you worried that your children would sense your lack of interest in them and treat you the same way when you are old and alone?

What is the point of all the money and fame if in the end you are left alone and demented?

And demented to an extent that you may not even recognize yourself. Are you not missing the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself in your midlife? Don’t you feel younger and healthier when you are with your children? Why miss an age reversal opportunity that costs you nothing?

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