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  • Mohit Arora

I am too tired by the time I come back from work. I can’t engage with my children.

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Unless you have a medical problem, as a parent you can always pull up additional energy. How?

Ask yourself what makes you truly tired? Is it your daily endless grind with children that mentally tires you or is it just about energy? If it's the daily grind, then are you making the mistake of looking at your child as a chore as opposed to a rare life-uplifting opportunity?

Will shifting your perspective and being just a playful child who is equal but not superior to your children help and give you that energy boost? As you head home after work, is your boss and job still occupying your head? But they pay you only for 8 hours? Why accept uninvited and unpaying guests into your home? Will filling up your mind with intense thought of you playing with your child not be the best antidote to these uninvited guests?

You also become satiated with uninvited guests reducing your own effectiveness in dealing with them at work. So, getting them out of your mind will allow you to refresh and think of new ways of dealing with work and your boss.

If it's just energy and you are still not able to physically muster energy despite your desire to play with children, you may want to look up breathing exercises or yoga that takes just 15 to 20 minutes but can give you a daily boost. Will waking up 30 minutes sooner help? Can you cut back on gossip at work and get back home sooner? Can you cut back digital or news binging to make some extra time and energy? Are you reading on digital devices before sleeping that sap your energy? Are you distracted in your sleep? Are you eating the right food? Will eating some energy-boosting nuts and fruits help? Will a short course of vitamin B and D help?

Will just longer cuddling with your child help? Are you lonely and an embrace of your spouse will help? Can you delegate cooking or any household chores to your spouse and talk to him about it? Can you find a paid source of home-cooked food? Can you engage children to help you with chores or make less mess so that you have more time and energy? Ask your children and spouse how they would like to contribute to taking away less of your energy?

Often the answer lies in shifting the perspective and taking a detached view of the issue or just engaging with unquestioned kindness.

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