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  • Mohit Arora

I went from an electrifying relationship with my to a dull & boring person.

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I went from an electrifying relationship with my partner/spouse full of sparks to a dull and boring babysitting mother/parent. Is there an end to this?

Children are another dimension to grow the family and intimacy with the spouse. Most critically they are the best tool that nature gives you to grow personally. After the first few challenging months, where you are still crafting life, things will stabilize. The baby will soon start responding in tiny little ways that will create flashes of unexpected joy. This will take away months of your weariness in a fraction of a second.

When unhappy, do not simply ignore your partner. Don't wait for your spouse to complain. Be proactive. Tell your spouse how good she or he is and that you are looking to grow together with the baby. Talk to your partner about doing baby tasks together and have fun. Showing a higher level of intimacy when sex is low will set you up to collect higher sex gains when it happens. So, take the opportunity of sex downtime to build higher levels of intimacy that the sex often interferes with!

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