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  • Mohit Arora

My children are always lying, why should I trust them?

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Children often lie as they are protecting their ego, or when they are afraid of admitting wrongdoing. When children lie ignore it momentarily. Don’t react immediately.

Encourage children to confess to themselves via a daily mind cleaning 2-minute mental exercise. During this exercise ask children to be true to themselves and “spit out” lies and negative thoughts accumulated by them during the day.

Tell children that their mind is like a piece of cloth. Lies or negative thoughts are like a stain on this cloth of mind.

This needs daily cleaning like you clean your body with a daily shower. If not cleaned the cloth of mind will stop working as stains accumulate as filth. The next day or a few days later, ask your children if they recall the lies or negative thoughts on previous occasions and whether they have gotten rid of these stains on their minds.

Remind children that you hold them in high regard, and they will be parents someday. Ask your children how they would react to their future children lying to them? Remind children that you are more of an equal friend, not a superior parent. Should they lie to their friends?

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