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  • Mohit Arora

My children are angry and aggressive. What can I do?

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Start building awareness with children that anger is a disease.

It is like a monster that will corrode and consume their bodies. Reinforce the message that anger is like a thief that they should not allow coming into their minds as anger steals happiness.

Ask them for their personal experiences. When do they feel better? When angry or when calm? Anger or aggression is always underpinned by some dissatisfaction or fear. Parents need to eradicate this underlying dissatisfaction or fear rather than merely suppress it with simple discipline.

With older children, build awareness that if they get angry, they will have fewer friends. People will like them less. If fewer people like them, they will be alone after their parents are gone. Lonely people live less or have less fun. Create physical games or mental visualizations where children are vanquishing anger monsters to rescue the angels of happiness hiding behind them! Keep practicing these visualizations and aim for a deeper inner level lasting change over a period of time. Create your own snake and ladders game with anger, fear, and other negative emotions being the biggest snakes that slide you down to lower levels.

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