• Mohit Arora

My children are constantly seeking attention and I am tired. How do I overcome this?

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As you might be aware, attention-seeking is often no more than children saying they are not happy with you or they want more engagement. Deeply and unselfishly think of possible gaps in the way you are engaging. Ask your children what they will look for in the mother or father for their future children? Gossip with your children about parents of other children who your children feel are not helping their children. This will allow you to get indirect feedback on your own lapses that your child may not directly admit.

Once you identify the gaps, hold on to them in your mind. Repeatedly remind yourself of the gaps. Strive for a lasting inner change in yourself as opposed to making self-promises that are easily forgotten. Look for small incremental changes that you can sustainably make as opposed to drastic changes that may be hard to keep up with.

Patiently and empathetically provide the attention children are seeking. Excessive attention-seeking should gradually come down. Now do remember, in general, boys grow slower than girls in mental terms so allow them more time.

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