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  • Mohit Arora

My children are digitally addicted. How can I help them overcome this?

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Digital addiction is not genetic or a birth defect.

It is often an acquired habit that has post-birth sources. Cut off the source that children are mimicking to reduce the addiction. What this source might be? More often than not this source is you - the parents. Digital addiction is a clear mark of parental neglect.

Psychologically it is now well established that neglect causes more harm than violence and anger. Surround children with books even if they don’t read them. Allow them digital time but like in the olden ways when TV time was limited, place a limit on digital time.

Work with your children to create a personalized weekly calendar. Target reduction of digital time over a period of time. Offer appreciation (not objectifying gifts) if they do better than targets. Build reading habits as an antidote to digital addiction by reading to children and by reading yourself in front of children. If you are on phone most of the time, can you really expect your children to accept your instructions on reading books?

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