• Mohit Arora

My children are disobedient. How do I make them respect me?

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This usually boils down to lack of mutual respect and trust. As noted in multiple sections above, start by winning respect and trust before seeking obedience. Aim for natural, simple, and respectful responses rather than burdensome obedience.

Children are human beings, not slaves or machines. If children are trying to establish their own territory let them do it. Workaround it, rather than taking them head-on only to fail with resistance. If children are rude ask them how they feel if their future children are rude to them? Ask them if they feel better or worse after being rude?

Educate children that anything negative will hurt their bodies. Over time facial lines will buildup reflecting their thoughts and expressions on their faces. This will unwantedly reveal them as a rude and angry individuals to others even when they are calm. Isn’t this the way they themselves sense out undesirable people? Do they want to be labeled as undesirable people themselves? Be firm but polite and persistent.

Remind children that obedience is a two-way street. If children do not follow you, why should you as parents do what they want?

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