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  • Mohit Arora

My children are just lazy. Is that fixable?

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All children are born equal with similar natural intelligence as noted in Chapter 1. However, different children have different levels of energy. Some are physically energetic while others are mentally energetic. Some don’t need to burn a high level of energy to be effective. Quietly, but ardently, look for the hidden frequency or the window to children's minds. Build a bridge and connect with children through mutual respect and trust. Children are not physically lazy; mental laziness is the root cause that creates physical laziness. Rationally analyze what is creating the mental laziness and work out an antidote to it.

Let's say your children just sit on the couch the whole day, do not talk to you, behave lazily, and just watch TV. But when their friends come in, they suddenly become active. This is mental laziness. Ask yourself why they do not trust you or engage with you as they do with their friends? What will it take your children to treat you like their trusted friends? It often boils down to just respect and treating your children as your equals to win their trust.

Once you have the trust, start making small incremental changes and shape up a routine.

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