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  • Mohit Arora

My children are never in the mood for studies. How can I get them to study?

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Play with children, stop talking about studies or shall we say stop talking down to them on studies. Just play for a few days or weeks to win back their respect and trust. This is often the missing ingredient in children who don’t pay attention. Now, children are children, and they will be distracted especially if you have not put them on a set routine since their birth. While playing, explore small little subjects as suggested under the science section. With creativity, you can turn any play into an opportunity to learn. Proactively set up physical games that children can join you in.

Aim to build up their knowledge by scattering information in the play. And I mean you and children play together physically. Not children playing video games on their own or spending time on online gamified education stuff. Select movies that you can watch together and learn something from, together.

Do not just talk about studies but invest in building their curiosity and confidence that you can later satisfy and invoke by challenging them with studies. Don’t overdo it. Be gentle, funny, and purpose-oriented but not nerdy. Don’t forget to build a routine gradually and in small bites.

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