• Mohit Arora

My children are shy. What can I do?

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In most cases, you will agree children are not shy as toddlers.

They are usually born with free and unrestrained nature, as expressed especially before the age of 2 or 3 years. Most turn shy as they gradually become self-aware or when parents impose their version of good behavior suppressing the kid’s true nature. The imposition of fear of strangers, common in modern societies also contaminates children’s minds.

The key is to tune into the mental frequency of children, not impose common social norms too soon, and see if you can get into the door of children’s minds as soon as you can.

Once you are in, first preserve the nature given free nature of children as it exists. Then just gently and patiently try to sculpt it into our social norms rather than straightway impose right or wrong or inculcate the fear of strangers. Encourage safety and fearlessness without encouraging fear.

Encourage them to be free and unrestrained from the start and keep at it till the shyness reduces. Show them you are not shy. Cut them free from yourself and let them be themselves. Perhaps they feel restrained with you.

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