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  • Mohit Arora

My children don’t listen to me as I am a familiar face. They listen to outsiders but not me.

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Children or for that matter any adult will truly listen to anyone only when they trust. Trusted sources mean anyone who children believe is interested in their welfare and respects them. We forget that children are very sensitive. They can figure you out without language.

Thus, the root cause of poor communication with children is the lack of trust and the root cause of the lack of trust is often lack of respect.

Regardless of the extent of damage to the communication, it is the parents who are adults in the relationship. The parents can reboot things by confessing to children and then controlling themselves from being disrespectful to children. The parents should also strive for change in themselves at a deep inner level by contemplating on things they want to do (or will not do). As opposed to words, the inner change will be far more effective in winning back communication effectiveness with their children.

Once parents keep doing this over a period of time and truly make an inner change, children will sense it on their own, and without any discussion, communication will improve.

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