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  • Mohit Arora

My children ruined my marriage and relationship with my spouse. Now what?

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Soon after childbirth or as children grow often couples are surprised that the other person does not have time for them anymore. Only when unhappiness builds, they start to recognize this. What else did you expect, birthing and creating life, that literally rips a person apart at childbirth, was business as usual? Is birthing done in a few weeks or months after the baby is born? No.

True birthing is at least a 7-year process, if not longer. That said, while dating or trying for a baby, couples focus on everything else but not how they will cope with their own lack of time for each other when the baby is born. This is a mistake that you can correct while planning to get married or pregnant. You will grow with the family and children only if you spend more time and critically cultivate inner and deep empathy for your spouse and family. Shallow engagement will be reciprocated with shallowness leaving you hollow and with bills.

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