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  • Mohit Arora

My children say, we will do it when we need it. What is the hurry just now? They postpone everything

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My children say, we will do it when we need it. What is the hurry just now? They postpone everything. They are in 8th grade. No drive or urgency. What is the remedy?

Ask children their age in days not years. Then ask how many days until they hit 18 or when they want to be independent of you. Then let children do nothing for a few days and remind them that they have already lost these days from the time they counted for their independence.

Count with children your age of retirement or expected life in terms of days. Ask children if they think their parents are inexhaustible resources or should they be smart and make use of the parents without losing time. What will they do to make up for lost days?

Build awareness with children that the most precious resource that they have is not money or parents but their own time. Then ask children what they think of thieves? The obvious answer is thieves are bad people. Ask children if it is a good idea to steal from oneself? Aren’t they being a “time thief” stealing their own time by not utilizing it? So next time children are lazy just remind them of “time thieves”.

Counting age and remaining expected time together or longevity in terms of days often brings focus on the limited nature of most resources. Talk to children or show them pictures of orphans who lost their parents when they were young and did not benefit from the time together. Ask them how they are sure that they will still have parents around tomorrow?

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