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  • Mohit Arora

Shouldn’t the schools be doing all of this? What am I paying them for?

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Can a nurse or babysitter not raise your children? Why not hire them and fire the spouse? Teachers are no different than babysitters. They are there to support you, not to do your primary job. Parenting means mutually nurturing not delegating. Will children absorb more from their parents or unknown outsiders/teachers? If you wish to speed up the assimilation of knowledge and good conduct, is school a better option or home? We learn with trust and respect. Who has more of this for children? teachers or parents?

The teacher's attention is split over 25 to 30 children and your children are delegated to assistants even at expensive schools. Now imagine if you had 30 children at home how much can you help each of them? How do you expect the teacher, who will never match your level of empathy for the kid, to be really better than you?

Furthermore, most schools do not provide one continuing teacher to children across grades. Periodic change in teachers, especially during junior grades, inhibits learning as it takes longer for children to develop relationships and respect for the new teacher. Every change of teacher sets them back. On the contrary, as parents, you are a continuing and consistent learning resource.

Schools are just to provide a social environment for children to support learning and are not the lead source of their learning.

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