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  • Mohit Arora

Siblings always rival and fight. I am tired of resolving their issues. What is the way out?

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Play with both or all siblings. Treat all of them equally. Often one fights with another thinking the other is being favored by parents. The rivalry may be just jealousy, driven by one making look another bad. This may not be his/her attention. It may be fear of parents paying attention to other siblings. Try to analyze the root cause in a dispassionate way before imposing your solution or old-style discipline. Imposing discipline without the removal of root-cause will only suppress the problem or might make it even worse.

Intervene sooner and do not neglect. Encourage them to argue but work out the differences in a logical way. Do not scream or play blame games. Encourage a constructive and honest dialogue. This will help you leverage the dispute to teach them problem resolution that they can use in their everyday life or as adults. Play games based on previous fights and bring in levity into these fights after you have removed any serious issues. Encourage them to contemplate on their errors and on changes they will make.

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