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This is extra work for me. I’d rather pay the schools or teachers than getting involved. Why should

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As noted, when you associate parenting with “work” you are wrongly telling yourself that it's a chore. You are simply overlooking nature's opportunity for your self-rejuvenation via parenting. We all become humans by contact with other humans - the best way to rejuvenate your human self is by engaging with the freshest and purest form of humanity which is children.

Regarding excessively relying on teachers, any job you delegate will often turn out to be less perfect than what you can do yourself. This is especially true while dealing with humans. However, you want your children to be your superior avatars. How is then delegation a better way to ensure your replication?

If you are a well to do professional or a businessman, how does leaving your children to other people (teachers), who get paid only a few thousand dollars, will make your children your successful avatars? It is just not possible. No matter which school you send your children to, if you are not engaged you will only lose your money and waste the opportunity to raise better children.

Parental engagement is even more critical given the distractions with technology and the deteriorating social environment. Why? Because the inner control and strength children need (sensual literacy) to fight back on technology and social issues, is not even taught in schools. The schools simply let children fall to pleasures of excessive stimulation. Parents are the only redemption for children. Children have nowhere to go if you let them down. Literally.

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