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Why do you need this book?

The book will rejuvenate you from midlife weariness through the parenting process.You will also redeem your children from deficiencies of modern education by setting them up on a self-learning path.


This path will bring together sensual literacy-driven sense control and cutting-edge education. Sensual literacy refers to assisting children in cultivating discerning control of their sense faculties, with a focus on pleasure and fear.

This book will help your children build wisdom and academic excellence in a way that has never been articulated before.


Moreover, the book will help your children develop an unmatched humanistic and learning foundation that is 5 to 10 years ahead of their biological age. At the same time, it will help children develop a deeper lifelong learning ability with the integration of science, math, art, logic, philosophy, theology, economics, geopolitics, and criminology.


This book is for single people, aspiring parents, current parents, and grandparents… why? Read on…

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